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Online Lessons

About Lessons

My lessons takes place using Zoom. I also offer video recording for each of our lessons for your review If you like! 

Unlike classroom learning, I tailor lessons for your skill level, schedule, and preference!  Here are some examples of some of the popular lesson types I offer:

Travel Japanese

These lessons are for teaching the basic phrases one might hear and use during their stay in Japan.  We also learn general overviews about Japanese culture, history, and manners to make sure you have a wonderful and fulfilling trip to Japan!  Also, Japanese people love to speak with foreigners who attempt to speak Japanese, so speaking even just a little Japanese goes a really long way!!

Beginner Lessons

These lessons focus on writing, basic expressions, reading, and basic conversation.  We use a combination of the Genki textbook and our own challenging and fun exercises to ensure you can correctly use everything you learned in a real Japanese conversation.  And if you are thinking to take the official Japanese Language Proficiency exam, these lessons will cover the N5 and N4 levels.

Conversation Training

These lessons are for intermediate to advanced levels.  We do not use textbooks, but do role playing and discussions over a given topic. In these lessons, you will learn how to politely speak your opinions and ideas and create natural sounding sentences in Japanese rather than specific memorized expressions.  These lessons are good for people who are considering taking the Oral Proficiency Interview exam.

JLPT Specific Lessons

Each level of the JLPT becomes progressively more difficult, and requires learning more vocabulary, expressions, grammar, and kanji.  I find that many self-taught learners often feel difficulty after reaching the mid to late N4 level so these lessons were created to help students overcome those hurdles in a structured way so they can prepare for the next level of the JLPT exam.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Common Questions

Q1.  Are in-person lessons available?


Sorry, I do not offer in-person lessons.  All lessons are done online, via Zoom.  However, if you are curious or concerned if that might not work for you, let me know anyways!  I am always happy to do a quick demo to show you how it works!


Q2.  Are class style / group lessons available?


Group lessons can be made available. Please contact me by e-mail for more information about rates and structure.

Q3.  Can I take lessons with a current student?


Each lesson is specifically adjusted to the student's preference and schedule; also, not all students want to share their lesson time.  So I do not offer lesson sharing with other students. However, if you have a friend with the same goals and schedule, you can arrange to take lessons with him/her.  Please note: payment for this setup should be done as a group, not individually.


Q4.  What do I need for the lessons?


You need a computer (not a smart phone), a microphone, and a Zoom account.   Also, make sure your internet is fast enough to handle video chats.  Most home and work internet accounts offer more than enough speed to handle this, but if you are not sure, you can check your speed at


About Price

Lesson times are either 25 min or 50 min. Let me know what days and times work best for you!

25-min lesson

1 lesson is $25 per lesson

5 lessons is $110 - $22 per lesson (12% discount)

10 lessons is $190 - $19 per lesson (24% discount)

50-min lesson

1 lesson is $50 per lesson

5 lessons is $220 - $44 per lesson (12% discount)

10 lessons is $380 - $38 per lesson (24% discount)

I require payment to be settled before a lesson can be officially scheduled and confirmed. I currently accept credit and debit cards.


Please note: each lesson starts and ends promptly at the time agreed upon.

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